Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe

International conference. September 21, 2012. Riga, Latvia


Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

The Ministry of Culture is the state governing institution, which organizes and coordinates state culture policy and cultural-educational policy. The Ministry of Culture operates pursuant to the regulations of the Ministry of Culture, the declaration of the Cabinet and the basic princi pals of th e State culture policy.


TILDE is a leading-edge Baltic IT company specializing in language technologies for Baltic languages, multilingual and Internet software and content, and localization. 
TILDE covers the localization needs of customers for Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian languages. The localization team consists of skilful and experienced in-house translators, terminologists, linguists, QA specialists and technicians providing services for such companies as IBM, Microsoft, and Nokia.TILDE offers expertise in development, management and end user products in a field of electronic dictionaries and machine translation. Tilde LetsMT! is an innovative, unique, easy to use build your own custom machine translation portal.


META-NET is a Network of Excellence partially funded by the European Commission. The network currently consists of 54 research centres in 33 European countries. META-NET forges META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance, a growing community of language technology professionals and organisations in Europe.




Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses around the world realize their full potential. Our Citizenship work plays a vital role in delivering on that mission as we apply our technology expertise and resources to help solve societal challenges on both a global and a local scale. There are many economic and cultural reasons why so many languages are at risk of extinction. However, with the ubiquity of computers in our lives, one element that can help preserve language is technology. At Microsoft we’ve committed to enable as many people as possible to work, communicate and collaborate using their native language through our Local Language Program (LLP).In Latvia Microsoft is proud to be part of the most visible Latvian language technology project - Language Shore - and cooperate on preservation of small languages with Microsoft partners, research institutions, digital content organizations, other IT companies, academic institutions and other institutions in the field of language technologies.


The META-NORD project aims to establish an open linguistic infrastructure in the Baltic and Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden). The focus of the project is to assemble, link across languages, and make widely available language resources of different types (the core set of META-NORD are treebanks, wordnets and multilingual terminologies) used by different categories of target user communities in academia and industry to specific products and applications. The project will tightly integrate with META-NET and other related activities to create a pan-European open resource exchange platform.


LetsMT! is a cloud based Machine Translation platform where you can simply upload your data, train your own machine translation system and store it in cloud. By training your own, domain specific, MT engine you can speed up translation process and get significant productivity increase. Project is founded under The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Program and It started at 2010-03-01.

Contact information:; +371 67605755